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Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Windows is an Operating System with graphical user interface (GUI). By learning Windows you will be able to organize and manage your computer and you will also understand how computer works.

Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Word is a word processing program which allows the user to write letters, documents, reports and create flyers. Using Microsoft Word you can create simple documents by changing Font, Underlining, Centering, Indenting, Cut and Paste or more advanced features using Headers, Footers, Tables, Templates, Mail Merge, Macros, Table of Contents, Foot Notes and much more .


Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used for creating any kind of document where numbers and calculations are involved. MicrosoftExcel works in a table format. You can use Microsoft Excel program to create lists, invoices and financial statements. Some people may use Microsoft Excel program to keep inventory or create invoices

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application. It allows the user to create Presentations, Slides, Overheads, Handouts, Organizational Charts, etc.

Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft Access is a database program and is used for filing. Microsoft Access allows you to keep lists and perform queries on data. An example of a query is a client list or mailing labels according to a particular zip code.

Microsoft Publisher

  • Microsoft Publisher is the graphic applications program form Microsoft office it will help you create flyers, cards, newsletters and many more publications that previously required a professional graphic designer

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